Location Casa Bemberg

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Puerto Libertad - Misiones - Argentina

CLIMATE: The House lies in a region that has a subtropical climate with no dry season, with high thermal amplitude and cool nights. It rains throughout the year with the following rainfall frequencies for each season: spring and summer, every 8 days; autumn, every 6 days; winter, every 4 days.
Average temperatures during each of the four seasons:
Spring: 25,5o C Summer: 30° C Autumn: 21,5o C Winter: 16,5o C


You should take the House’s climate conditions and geographic location into account. We recommend that you be prepared to explore the jungle, for which you shouldn’t forget to bring the following gear with you:
• Closed shoes • Several pairs of socks • Long-sleeved shirt • Long pants • Hat or cap • Insect repellent • Several changes of clothes, if it rains it is very easy to get mud on your clothes • Binoculars (for animal- and birdwatching) • Bathing suit • Small backpack • Sunscreen
• Please inform any diet restrictions prior arrival.

Jungle Symphony - Casa Bemberg